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Welcome to Alpha Six Sigma, a proven provider of Business Process Improvement services. Our team is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes achieve excellence in their operations. We use a variety of methodologies to help our clients optimize their performance, including Lean Six Sigma tools such as process mapping, value stream mapping, design of experiments (DOE) and statistical process control. Our goal is to help our clients stabilize and improve their metrics, helping them to become more efficient, effective, and competitive.

We have a deep understanding of how to achieve excellence in Business Process Improvement. Our team has demonstrated results in optimizing organizational and individual performance across various industries. We work with our clients to identify key areas of improvement and create a customized plan to address their unique needs. Our approach is collaborative, and we work alongside our clients to ensure that every aspect of their business is running as smoothly as possible.


Contact us today to learn how we can help your business achieve its full potential.


At Alpha Six Sigma, we specialize in strategy creation and deployment, process improvement, supply chain optimization and team building. We help businesses identify their pain points and implement practical solutions to enhance their operations and increase their bottom line.


Our clients elevate their customer experience through increased quality and reduced delivery time, all while reducing cost and minimizing team stressors. We don't just focus on improving processes and quality levels. We help create a culture of continuous improvement, building stronger teams and empowering employees to take ownership of their roles.


Our mission is to help businesses achieve their full potential by deploying strategies tailored to their specific needs. Alpha Six Sigma offers expertise in a range of areas including Strategy, Lean Six Sigma, Data Analytics and Leadership. We take pride in our ability to work closely with our clients to find custom solutions that will yield measurable results.


Alpha Six Sigma is dedicated to making a real difference in businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our services are designed to enhance your products and processes, reduce waste and errors, and increase customer satisfaction through data based decision making. Using experimental design techniques, we can optimize your product, process or service. Using proven training programs and coaching, we build team expertise so that your organization can grow to embody your company's culture and values.


We focus on creating sustainable solutions that align with your organizational culture and values. Let us partner with you to identify areas of opportunity, build a high-performance team and take your business to the next level.


Alpha Six Sigma LLC Columbia SC 29205  Tel: 714.788.4372

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